Plaid Fad


I’m sure you’re already aware of this mad-plaid-fad. Sweeping the windows of Opening Ceremony, covering the walls of Madewell, and being stewn across counters at Zaraeverywhere. It’s odd really. I’m not sure where this plaid-fad came from. Maybe this happened 6 months ago and no one has been able to get over it. Admittedly, I still haven’t gotten over this…   

(If only I had the will power, hair stylist and resources to replicate SJP for Halloween, or in life. I would. But really, who am I kidding. I will be purchasing my costume from American Apparel on Tuesday October 29th.)

Plaid reserves a special place in my Boulder-bred heart. I’ve in fact owned several plaid things. They were all crafted from flannel in a variety of berries, reds, greys, and deep blues, a few sizes too large but perfect for crawling into post skiing. I suppose in other parts of the world (i.e. the east coast) preppy people paraded in plaid skirts (and skorts). Unfamiliar territory for this girl. 

That is until a few weeks ago when I purchased a plaid pencil skirt because well, how could I not? Clearly if Damsel in Dior, Eat Sleep Wear, Mira Duma, OP etc. are doing it. I should be doing it. ?

(Check out the first article on today. This plaid madness is getting out of hand.)

No of course not. I’m an individual, not a blogging conformist. It jumped off the rack into my arms, just like the Rag & Bone wax denim lace-up-the-calves pants I found on sale the other day…. I digress.

In response to this fad, I’ve created a list of some plaid wishes.
Watch me outdo these blogging biddies and wear all of these plaid things, at one time.

Take that. Cupcakes and Cashmere.


A pair of b&w plaid pants from Moda Operandi, paired with a pretty plaid top, wool blend plaid scarf, and super lux angora plaid sweater that looks cozy enough to crawl into forever, with boozy hot coco and an extendable straw. Don’t forget the Sperry Top-Sider high plaid socks and the butter LONDON lippy in Toasted Marshmallow and Balm Black Cherry for finishing plaid touch.

= Plaid justpukedonme Perfection.

(In all seriousness the butter LONDON lippys are worth it. They hydrate + color. Toasted Marshmallow is my jam.)

Happy Hump Day!
Go buy something squared.

Xo, Dee


  1. Hannah Kate · · Reply

    ” I will be purchasing my costume from American Apparel on Tuesday October 29th” – or on the 31st like me… you were a god send that day.

  2. “I will be purchasing my costume from American Apparel on Tuesday October 29th” – or on the 31st like me… you were a godsend that day.

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